Even celebrities need to venture out into their neighborhoods now and then for everyday living activities such as eating, shopping, and playing. They are just people who want to take their kids to a park, go to the movies, get a drink at night. You could simply drive around their houses but they do like their privacy and are not likely to be out in the front yard waving to passers-by.

Here, we suggest six great places where celebrities are seen on a fairly regular basis. Fortunately, all of these locations also offer a good time whether or not there are celebrity sightings, so you can enjoy yourself as you keep an eye out for your favorite stars.

1 Hollywood Walk of Fame

You know about the sidewalks and embedded terrazzo and brass stars, but you may not know that there are new unveilings each year that are open to the public, complete with a special viewing area. Star ceremonies begin promptly at 11:30 AM and conclude at 12:15 PM. Even if the newest star is not your favorite, the ceremonies always have famous guest speakers, one of whom may well be on your must-see list.

Go to the official Walk of Fame website, to see who is being celebrated and when. Check back often because announcements are frequently made only a week in advance.

While you’re in the area, check around Grauman’s Chinese Theater as it’s the home to many premieres.

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2 Malibu

Everyone likes to be beachfront and Malibu beaches have long been claimed as a private backyard of the rich famous. But that all changed in 2015 when Billionaire’s Beach was finally opened to the public. There is finally a concrete pathway that leads down to the crescent of sand that stretches about a mile and a half from the Malibu Pier toward Santa Monica. Many lavish houses have been built right up close to the sand and behind those walls and windows live celebrities. Officially known as Carbon Beach, it’s a good place to get a glimpse of celebrities. Look toward the homes, and on the weekends in particular, you could get lucky enough to catch stars out enjoying the beach.

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3 West Hollywood

Perhaps your best bet for simplyrunning into’ a celebrity would be in the highly desirable urban neighborhood of West Hollywood. Locals call this place WeHo, and socialites seem to flock here for a lot of reasons. Runyon Canyon is for hikers, (and some celebrities hike,) The Ivy restaurant on Robertson Blvd. is a hotspot, high end boutiques abound, and the place is simply a magnet for the rich and famous. Check out the dining and shopping options along Santa Monica Boulevard for a chance to see big names.

4 The Troubadour

Opening in 1957, this venue became an integral part of L.A.’s live music scene, with Elton John making his U.S. debut in 1970. Up-and-coming bands, local artists, and international headliners all vie for a spot on-stage. You can find a calendar of entertainers on the Troubadour’s website.

This nightclub is popular with celebrities due to its excellent sound system and ability to attract great names. There is also a VIP loft which works to their advantage; not too much crowd-mingling for the celebrities but a good possibility to get a glimpse.

5 The Grove and Farmers Market

Celebrities like to take their children for outings as much as anyone else, and a day at The Grove and Farmers Market is perfect for entire families. While the farmers market is a landmark dating back to the Great Depression, the Grove sprang up right beside it in 2002 as a mix of retail, restaurant and entertainment destinations. People alternate soaking up the sunshine, walking in the park, popping into the fabulous shops and buying veggies. There is a Pacific Cinema there as well as a Yoga studio.

With bubbling fountains, an electric trolley, and sidewalk cafes, this place is very popular for family-day, whether you’re a celebrity or not. Also, famous people need clothes and like to buy their own, and the Grove provides plenty of celebrity-worthy shopping.

6 ArcLight Cinemas

Celebrities love a date night at the movies because they get to see their friends in the newest flicks. Arclight Hollywood hosts a number of blockbuster premieres throughout the year which are sure to attract some star power. Even if it is not a blockbuster night, celebrities go to the movies for a quiet night out so if you see someone with sunglasses on, look more closely and see if that jawline matches your idol’s.

ArcLight is known for its array of amenities such as reserved seating and alcoholic beverages at the concession. You can’t go wrong with a visit to this theater.

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