Among the DC sightseeing scene dominated by historical statues, government buildings and the Smithsonian Museum, there are only a few attractions that truly stand out. Newseum is one of them. This extraordinary space brings a unique perspective on history’s most memorable moments and recreates them through the eyes of the media. The significance and impact of events that shaped the history and present of the United States, and the world at-large, were determined by their coverage in the press.
At Newseum, you can re-live the most shocking and impactful political and social events as they were covered in newspapers, on TV or on the radio. The historical overview of the types of coverage throughout history gives an interesting framework for our democracy and the public’s interaction with events. The museum and its exhibits are centered around the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, which is boldly inscribed on the front facade of the building.

Largest Piece of the Berlin Wall Outside of Germany

Apart from a vast collection of historical newspapers and news memorabilia, Newseum has a number of well-executed exhibits. One of the most eye-opening being the Berlin Wall on the lower level. Newseum exhibits the largest unaltered piece of the wall outside of Germany and its simple exposition in the museum gives an interesting perspective on the oppression of free-speech and human rights on the East side of the divide.

Newseum’s unapologetic uncovering of history’s most newsworthy moments is manifested in its 9/11 exhibition that gives a chilling overview of the event’s impact on news coverage as well as the social and political landscape in the United States and worldwide.

For those interested in the coverage of true crime, Newseum’s Inside Today’s FBI exposes shocking artifacts and facts about the most infamous terrorist attacks, organized crime and cyber crime. On display is the actual cabin that belonged to the Unabomber, various ingeniously fashioned weapons and explosives as well as dozens of other artifacts.

Newseum is located at 555 Pennsylvania Ave., N.W., Washington, DC, 20001 and is open from 9am to 5pm, daily.

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