Las Vegas is best known for its casinos, exciting nightlife, lavish shows and sinful vibe. However, its position in the Nevada Desert means it’s surrounded by stunning nature and landscapes. If gambling and reckless behavior are not your cup of tea, venture out of the city and explore these stunning landmarks.

Lake Mead

Lake Mead is the largest water reservoir in the United States, impounded by Hoover Dam on the Colorado River. The sheer size of Lake Meade is impressive and overwhelming at first sight, but it makes sense once you learn that it provides sustenance to 20 million people in Nevada, California and Colorado.

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Hoover Dam

The engineering marvel that is Hoover Dam is what holds Lake Mead together. Hoover Dam is visited by almost one million people a year eager to learn its complex and tarnished history as well as some impressive engineering details that hold this massive structure together.

For easy access to Hoover Dam, try a bus tour!

Grand Canyon – South Rim

The Grand Canyon needs no introduction; however, it’s a surprise to some how close the South Rim is to Las Vegas. This easy day trip out of the city will fill you with lifelong memories of the most stunning panoramic views of some of the most mesmerizing natural formations on Earth.

Afraid to explore on your own? Go with others and take a guided tour.