Clipper City Tall Shim | Manhattan by Sail

Sail the New York Harbor This Summer with Manhattan by Sail

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Shearwater Classic Schooner | Manhattan by Sail
Shearwater Classic Schooner sailing by the Statue of Liberty

The New York City waters are swarming with boats this summer, but there are none quite like Manhattan by Sail. With Manhattan by Sail, you can take cruises on two sail boats, the Clipper City Tall ship, a replica of an 1800s clipper trading ship. The Clipper City is a large, majestic sailboat with a full bar and a truly authentic feel. The cruise departs from Battery Park (next to Statue Cruises) and takes passengers on a 90 minute sail by the Statue of Liberty, either during the day or at night for the best of both views.

The Shearwater Classic Schooner is a smaller, Gatsby-era sailboat offering a romantic experience with just a small number of other passengers and staff on board. Shearwater departs from the North Cove Marina at Brookfield Place. Beverages and refreshments are available on board.

If you’re looking for a more unusual way of exploring NYC waters, Manhattan by Sail is the way to go. You get really close to the Statue of Liberty for amazing photo ops, but there is no narration or hoards of tourists distracting you from the serene sailing experience and the gentle breeze in your hair.

If you have a SightSeeing Pass, please call (212) 619-6900 for reservations.

Shearwater Classic Schooner

Sailing Manhattan
Shearwater Classic Schooner – North Cove Marina

Hours:Daytime Sail: Monday – Friday 12:30pm and 2:45pm; Sat 12pm and 2pm; Sun 2pm
City Lights Sail: Friday and Saturday 9:30pm; September: 9pm

Clipper City Tall Ship

Sailing NYC Manhattan
Clipper City – Battery Park

Daytime Sail: Monday – Sunday 2:15pm and 4:30pm
Harbor Lights Sail: Thursday – Saturday 9:30pm; September: 9pm

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